It is not easy to bring a good concept to market. 512CONCEPTS recognizes three phases within a business development process to ensure a successful execution: Envision, Build and Market.  Based on this model, our sales, marketing and business development expertise come together to support companies with refining and commercializing services and products, in overcoming difficult obstacles during the sales process and market positioning.

First we run an assessment of the customer and its people, product and/or service. Based on the outcome we make a plan with concrete commercial objectives. Together with the customer we develop a Go-To-Market plan and take the responsibility for its implementation with periodic evaluations. The result is a highly motivated and flexible sales and marketing division which fully supports the client organization without having the customer setting up their own department.

We are particularly interested in areas where access to our network , facilities, expertise or other resources could yield a company’s execution. Therefore, 512CONCEPTS focuses on companies with opportunities that could significantly impact their market segment, but not have the knowledge or the resources to go to market. We invest for financial return, in all sectors and at all growth stages of a company.